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BECCA Bright Eyes First Impressions | Under Eye Brightening Corrector, Setting Powder, Primer

BECCA Bright Eyes First Impressions | Under Eye Brightening Corrector, Setting Powder, Primer

Note: I received this product free from Influenster for testing purposes. All opinions are my own.

I battle with dark under eye circles on the daily, so when Influenster sent me this trio of BECCA products I pretty much tore the box apart in excitement. And fortunately when I tried everything on, I was not let down. Here's what I got:

• BECCA Under Eye Brightening Corrector in Medium to Deep (new shade)

• BECCA Anti-Fatigue Under Eye Primer

• BECCA Under Eye Brightening Setting Powder

I'll get right to it. Firstly, the primer. TBH, I was not wowed by this. I tried it with and without an eye cream underneath, and I did not notice any positive difference at all in the texture of my undereye area or the way my concealer applied. In fact, it kind of made my concealer crease a bit, so I'd skip this one.

Now to the corrector. This did just what I hoped it would. BTW, since I received this free for testing purposes, I did not choose the shade. As I'm pretty fair, I would have chosen the light to medium color if I'd purchased it. At first the color looked pretty dark in the jar and I thought it wouldn't work for me at all.

But, once I put my concealer on top, I forgot I was wearing it. It has a super creamy and emollient texture and blends nicely. I concentrated it in the inner part of my eye as that is where I have the most dark shadows. So I would definitely recommend the corrector.

Last but not least, the Under Eye Brightening Setting Powder. This kept my concealer in place all day so it's a good setting powder. I wouldn't say it's revolutionary, however - I like my Cinema Secrets one just as much. So if you have a setting powder that works for you already, you could probably skip this one.

Overall this is a decent brightening kit - minus the primer. If I had to choose one product out of the 3, it would definitely be the corrector.

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