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Which Perfume Are You? | Fragrance Finder

Which Perfume Are You? | Fragrance Finder

Scent is a funny thing. You can learn so much about someone based on what fragrances they gravitate towards. Different fragrances evoke different vibes - whether warm and alluring, light and fresh, or dark and mysterious. Most perfumes fall into one of four categories: fruity, floral, spicy and oriental. Read on to see the creme de la creme of each.


These scents are popular for a reason: everyone loves fruit! No, actually they're just very feminine and sweet-smelling, which are pretty much universally appealing. Try Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue. Along with crisp citrus notes like Sicilian Citron and Granny Smith Apple is an unexpected note of bamboo - to keep things interesting.

I also love Pacifica Hair and Body Mist in Indian Coconut Nectar for a light wash of fragrance on the go.



Jo Malone Orange Blossom Cologne


This scent is like walking into an enchanted garden if such a place existed. Thanks to the hypnotic notes of orange blossom and water lily, consider me a believer.



You can never go wrong with Chanel. Bold and dramatic, Chance makes an entrance with a rare blend of vanilla, musk and patchouli while pink pepper gives a jolt.


My personal favorite category and hands-down most loved perfume, Burberry Classic. I could spin words about this one all day but you just really have to smell it. It's warm and sensual with layers of vanilla, musk, jasmine and sandalwood. It has lasting power as well without being cloying.


What are your favorite perfumes? Let me know your thoughts on the fragrances on this list and others you love!

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