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Soft Pink Glam Tutorial | Urban Decay Naked3

Soft Pink Glam Tutorial | Urban Decay Naked3

Easy Makeup Tutorial - Pink Makeup

Hi guys! I've been all about the Urban Decay Naked3 palette lately and wanted to create a soft, slightly smoky but wearable look that could go from day to night. I know I'm not the only one obsessed with this palette and won't bore you with how gorgeous the rose-toned shades are :)

I wanted to create a look that was simple and easy enough for anyone to do, regardless of makeup skill level. Along with the double-ended brush the palette comes with, I used just a couple of other brushes I'll list below.

I wore this for date night this weekend because I wanted my eyes to pop but still look soft in case I stumbled into some bad lighting.

urban decay naked3

...props to you if you caught the Clueless reference there.

So let's get started! Before I began I primed my eyes with the HG, Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion.

I started out by mixing Limit and Nooner on a Sephora Pro Featherweight #38 brush and buffing softly into my crease in windshield-wiper motions, concentrating the shadow at the outer corners. I don't like to extend too far inward. I stop at about the center of my pupil and do a swoosh motion at the outer part so it lifts my eyes a bit.

(When working with the crease, be careful not to bring the shadow too far in. This can close the eye in too much and drag it down, especially in pictures. Only exception here is if you have really wide-set eyes - then you can bring in the darker shades more. For my eye shape, I wanted the inner part of my eye/lid to stay bright and gradually blend darker out.)

Next I took Liar on an angled shadow brush and traced a sideways "V" shape on my outer crease + lash line. I started light and built the color up. Then on the same brush I took Mugshot and traced my outer lash line blending up towards my crease. You can make this as subtle or smoky as you like. The darker and heavier you go the more contrast and depth it will give to your eye. I chose not to make it too dark because I wanted to keep it a little bright and pink.

On a flat shadow brush (the double-ended brush the palette comes with is great but any synthetic will do) I pat Burnout on the center of my lid. I loaded up the brush and tapped on quite a bit of product because I reallly wanted a nice shine there. This is an easy trick a makeup artist taught me that enhances everyone's eyes and makes them pop.

With the same brush I mixed Dust with a little bit of Strange for the inner part of my lid and eye socket. This is where you want it light and bright. I also took Buzz and applied it just to my lid.

Go back and take your fluffy blending brush from Step 1 and buff your crease or any harsh lines away. You really want the transition from light to dark to look seamless and gradual. As always, you really can't blend enough.

Finally, I lined my top lash line with Darkside (love this shade as a liner) on an angled brush, blending it out so it was thickest on the outer corners and used Strange for an inner eye highlight and on my brow bone.

Hope you guys like this look! If you try it, let me know in the comments! I'd love to hear your thoughts :)

Urban Decay Naked3 tutorial

Wearing: Free People bodysuit (some colors on sale now) & Guess faux leather jacket

Products/brushes you'll need:

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