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Halo Eye Tutorial | Soft, Smoky Purple & Gold | bareMinerals

Halo Eye Tutorial | Soft, Smoky Purple & Gold | bareMinerals

I felt inspired to do something old and new today, so I created a halo eye look…with a twist. I’m using all original bareMinerals loose eyecolors.

Once bareMinerals started to transition to more pressed formulations and discontinued a lot of my favorite shades, you know I made like a hoarder and ordered them in BULK. You can still find some around, though not to the extent you could years ago. I remember going to the bareMinerals boutique in the mall and feeling like a kid in a candy store, spinning the wheel of eyeshadows around and admiring the vortex of colors.

In a way, I understand the move – many are turned off by loose shadows as they can be messy and spill. But to me, the loose formula beats pretty much every pressed shadow I have ever worn because it is so multidimensional. These shadows give an ethereal effect you just can’t get with typical pressed shadows. Plus, they blend like a dream.

These loose shadows will always hold a special place in my heart. They still take up half of my beauty drawer and are on regular rotation in my makeup routine.

Whether bareMinerals hears my prayer and decides to restore the eyeshadows to their former glory remains to be seen, but until then I will pay homage to my OG favorite with an eye look using 100% loose mineral shadows.

These are the colors I used for this look. I followed with shade descriptions in case you want to do this look with your favorite pressed eyeshadows. Discontinued shades have been marked with an asterisk.

Clay - matte light grey taupe

Pacific Heights - matte medium grey lavender

Devotion - dark purple rose sheen

Sugar Plum* - metallic lilac with red undertones

Passionate Plum* - shimmery matte violet

Black Pearl* - glimmering deep purple

Snow - matte white

Queen Phyllis - shimmering white-gold peach

1990's* - dark shimmering dirty plum

Hyacinth - light silver lavender

The halo effect comes from applying the darkest shadows at the inner and outer parts of the eye and keeping it light and bright in the middle. I chose to do a soft, smoky purple look with a touch of gold. I’m pretty obsessed with pairing purple and gold and because the shades are somewhat muted this will work on any eye color. Remember the old adage with bareMinerals shadows: “foil” them by wetting your brush for a metallic, high-shine finish. For this look, I kept the darker shades dry and foiled the highlight on the center of my lid to intensify it.

The halo eye look has been all over Instagram lately, and it’s not hard to see why. This opens up your eyes so much. If you have small eyes and want to make them look larger and wider, this look is for you.

To get this look:

First prep your lids with a good concealer or primer for an even canvas.

Use Clay or any very light taupe shade as your transition shade. Buff it in your crease with a fluffy brush all the way from one end to the other in windshield wiper motions. Then take Pacific Heights on the same brush and buff into the inner and outer crease. Repeat this step with Devotion, Passionate Plum and Black Pearl. You want to build the dark colors up gradually to set the tone for the gradient effect you want to achieve. Take that fluffy crease brush and with no product left on it blend any harsh lines, being careful not to drag the dark colors into the center of the eye. Always blend outwards, you can clean up any dark shadows on your temples later.

Take Devotion on a flat angled liner brush and pop it in your outer lash line, blending upwards towards the crease. Softly line your bottom lash line focusing on the outer portion as well. Don’t bring the color in past the center of your pupil.

You can also go over the top lash line with Sugar Plum, a gorgeous shimmering red-toned plum that reminds me of ruby slippers. This will give added dimension.

Now for the center of the eye. First lay down Snow or any matte white shadow in the center of the lid to brighten it. Next take Queen Phyllis on a synthetic flat brush and pack it on the center of your lid. Take that fluffy crease brush and gently blend the outer edges, moving OUTWARDS. Get rid of the harsh lines but be sure not to dull the center highlight by just lightly buffing the edges so it's a smooth transition from dark to light to dark again.

Now we take it up a notch. Wet that flat brush and dip into Queen Phyllis and pack on the lid for a blinding highlight. You can take a little on an angled brush and highlight your brow bone as well.

Wet a thin liner brush and line your eyes top and bottom with 1990's (one of my favorite shades ever!) Then where the liner ends apply Hyacinth for an inner eye highlight. Use a fluffy brush to buff where the liner stops and highlight begins so it looks seamless.

Clean up any fallout and voila! You have yourself an easy, smoky purple halo eye look.

halo eye tutorial
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