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Are Magnetic Lashes Worth It? | One Two Lash False Lashes review

Are Magnetic Lashes Worth It? | One Two Lash False Lashes review

One Two Lash Magnetic Lashes Review - Lashes without the glue

Last summer, I read an article in Allure about a new innovation: magnetic false eyelashes by One Two Cosmetics. Unline strip lashes, these did not require any glue. They simply attach to your own lashes via two magnets. 

Being a false lash addict, but clumsy when it comes to gluing them on, my first impulse was to snatch them up immediately. However, my skepticism kicked in (plus seeing the price) and I thought these may be too good to be true. Let's wait and see.

So I waited pretty impatiently, and didn't see many reviews on them at all but those I did see were mostly favorable - so finally a few months ago I sucked it up and bought them.

Like most of you I'm sure, I am in love with false lashes and use them when I want to look extra glamorous or give my eyes more definition in photos. But truth be told I'm really clumsy and uncoordinated when It comes to putting them on. I've tried the tweezer method, I've tried just pinching them on there with my fingers and hoping for the best, and no matter what I always put them on crooked and end up looking cockeyed. Not cute. So I was really intrigued by this no-glue, foolproof magnet thing.

Here's my unbiased, honest review:

(For reference, with strip lashes I usually use drugstore brands like Ardell or Andrea, but I've worn higher-end as well (MAC, Make Up For Ever, etc.)


Magnetic lashes One Two Lash

They come in 3 varieties right now: original lash, bold lash, (both $69) and accent lash ($59). They also offer filler lashes for $59 to fill in sparse spots in your natural lashes.

I bought the original and bold lash sets, and yes the price was a little hard to swallow.

The lashes are housed in a sleek black compact with the company logo on top, and inside are two pairs. They also come with a pretty white satin cloth (not sure exactly what it's for tbh but I like it) and a card with instructions for putting them on.

The first thing I noticed which may turn some off is they are not quite full lash strips. They cover more area than a lash accent for the corners but the strip does not extend all the way to the inner corner of the eye. (The bold pair are a smidge longer than original - the bold are about half the width of a typical pair of Ardell's)

For me, this is actually a strength - with my eye shape, I really need the enhancement at the outer corners and not so much inwards. I always end up cutting strip lashes to tailor them to my eyes. Plus the lashes are thick and long enough it really didn't make a difference to me. But I wanted to mention for those of you expecting a full lash strip.


Now that the lashes have been out for some time, a few reviews are cropping up and based on what I've seen + the company's instructional how-to videos, people are having difficulty putting them on. Like I said before, I'm pretty uncoordinated and I have had zero problem putting them on. Literally the first time I tried it took me 30 seconds to do the first eye, and about 10 seconds for the other.

If you try these and you're struggling, I'd recommend applying a coat of mascara to your natural lashes first. Then when you put the top lash on, the stickiness of the mascara gives some hold so it frees up your other hand to apply the lower lash underneath. It's easier to get accurate placement this way as well because you don't have your hand in the way while you're trying to see what you're doing.


They wear pretty comfortably. At first I was very aware of their presence near my eyeballs, but no more so than traditional false lashes. I got used to it within a few minutes. I've been wearing them for 5+ hours with no problems.

By now, I've worn them at least 3-4 times and there is no sign of wear whatsoever. Plus each set has an extra pair. So this softened the blow cost-wise just a little bit. I've never been able to wear strip lashes more than once or twice, so the cost added up there too.


I love how these wear. Because they're not custom lashes, the first time I tried them on they were a little stiff and unnatural for my eye shape, but after wearing them once or so they became a little more flexible. If you have this problem, just play with them a little bit once they're on and give them a day or so to soften and look more natural. I believe you can cut them if you'd like, though I haven't tried this.

magnetic lash review


At first I struggled to take them off. One Two Cosmetics says take your index finger and thumb and gently separate the two magnets in a sliding motion, but I found it hard to do that without putting stress on my own lashes. I always feel like I'm going to rip out a lash, although removing strip lashes sometimes makes me feel that way too. UPDATE: The bold lashes are somewhat easier to remove, possibly because they're larger. Just be gentle and slide them apart and you should be fine.

Worth it?

I'm pretty thrilled with the way these look. I plan on wearing them for my wedding, because I'm doing my own makeup and they'll be so easy to pop on. They're glamorous yet they look natural, which is what I'm always striving for.

The price is hard to swallow, I know, but they do seem to last through quite a few number of wears. I've never been able to wear strip lashes more than once or twice so that added up too. If it's worth it or not really depends on personal preference and how often you wear lashes, etc

Have you guys tried these lashes? Let me know if you do and what you think of them!

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